Policy Gambia - Technical Support to the National Social Protection Policy of the Gambia

Conseil Santé (France), in association with SOFRECO (France) and the Swiss Tropical Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH, Switzerland), has been selected for this European Union funded project to provide Technical Assistance (TA) support to the National Social Protection Policy of The Gambia.
This TA...

01.02.2020 - 01.02.2023
Long term service project
Conseil Santé S.A.
HFA Kyrgyzstan - Health Facilities Autonomy, Kyrgyzstan, Phase I

Since the mid-90s, Kyrgyzstan is in a process of health system reform, moving from the centralised, hospital-centred Semashko model towards a more rational, modernised health care system. The latter ensures better quality of health care, more efficient use of scarce health care resources,...

01.06.2014 - 31.12.2018
Long term service project
GIZ EWP CBA - Cost-Benefit Projection Tool for Employee Health Programmes

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH commissioned Swiss TPH with the development of a cost-benefit model for use by employers which integrates epidemiological information for prioritizing employee health problems and analysing existing and potential interventions of...

01.11.2010 - 30.09.2014
Long term service project
Health Systems Support
Patrick Hanlon