Swiss TPH covers a wide range of research activities in the field of parasitology, infection biology, health systems and public health. The Department Medical Parasitology and Infection Biology has a strong scientific expertise in infection and parasite biology. Newly gained knowledge is used to develop new drugs and vaccines. The Department Epidemiology and Public Health analyses disease and health systems in relation to their molecular, social, ecological and cultural environment. The Medicine Department provides strong Clinical Research expertise.

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Study Launched on Antibody Prevalence and Impact of Coronavirus in Basel

A long-term study on the effects of the coronavirus pandemic is being carried out in the cantons of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft. The study contains both a digital survey that... More...


Gebären zu Zeiten von Corona – das Krisenmanagement der Basler Hebammen

COVID-19 stellte und stellt Hebammen in der Region Basel vor neue Herausforderungen. Elisabeth Kurth, Hebamme und Geschäftsführerin vom Hebammennetzwerk Familystart, spricht im... More...


Molecular Signatures can Predict the Efficacy of Malaria Vaccines

A new study reveals that it is possible to identify those individuals that will be protected by the malaria vaccine before its administration. The researchers also found that... More...

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