Anou Dreyfus, Dr., MSc, PhD

Scientific Project Leader

Organisational Entity

Having travelled and lived since my childhood in low income countries, I have been sensitized to health issues in a setting of poverty from early on. This -together with my interest in science and veterinary medicine- lead to a career as a veterinary epidemiologist with a special interest in zoonotic diseases, (veterinary) public health and neglected infectious diseases.

In 2001, I graduated as a veterinarian from University of Berne, where I also was awarded the doctorate at the laboratory for Veterinary Bacteriology (Dr. med. vet., 2002-03). I obtained my epidemiological training at the Royal Veterinary College and School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in London (2005, postgraduate MSc) and at Massey University, New Zealand (PhD on leptospirosis in humans and pastoral livestock 2009-2013).

I gained national and international work experience in the field of public health, working for the Food and Agriculture Organization in Rome in a BSE capacity building project in Serbia (2003-04) and for the Federal Office of Public Health in Berne on pandemic influenza planning among many other projects (2006-08).

From 2013-2018, I worked as senior research assistant, lecturer and statistical consultant at the Veterinary Epidemiology Unit, University of Zurich. Since October 2017, I am employed at the Medical Department of the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute as a senior scientist and project leader to establish research and diagnostics for zoonotic pathogens.

The main research area of interest is the investigation of leptospirosis at the human-animal interface, the role of zoonotic pathogens in non-malarial fever, the improvement of Leptospira laboratory capacity in a resource poor setting and the development of control strategies for leptospirosis and other neglected zoonotic diseases, both nationally and globally.


ResearcherID: A-2078-2014






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