Tatiana Alonso Amor, PhD


Tatiana Alonso Amor is part of the Analytics and Intervention Modelling group lead by Emilie Pothin. She does data analysis and mathematical modelling, supporting countries in Africa to make evidence-based decisions to reduce their malaria burden.

Tatiana has a PhD degree in Physics from the Federal University of Ceara (Brazil) and a M.Sc-Bachelors degree in Physics from the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina). During this time, she worked in neuroscience, analysing human brain activity, and in vision research, studying the different strategies employed by people when looking for a hidden object in a picture. Afterwards, she participated in a project-based data science course (S2DS), working for the Food Standard Agency in the UK. During this experience, Tatiana realized that she loves working in a team and that she is passionate about data visualization. She knew she wanted to be in a position where she could turn data into value and help in the decision making process.

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