Head of Group

Blaise Genton

PhD Students

Joanna Gallay

Clinical Epidemiology

Deployment of malaria diagnostic tests should go hand-in-hand with training on managing  ‘negative syndrome’ – that is, detecting other causes of fever when the malaria test is negative. The PeDiAtrick project aims to improve the quality of health care for children through the use of an electronic decision support system that promotes evidence-based medicine and rational use of drugs. It builds on the IMCI flowchart and on findings from the IMALDIA aetiology study, which identified predictors of mild and severe disease.
The ALIVE project assesses the impact of artemether/lumefantrine (ALu) introduction as first-line treatment on malaria transmission and child mortality in two rural districts of Tanzania. Both transmission and mortality rates declined significantly during the first three years of ALu implementation and compliance was found to be excellent.