About the SCIH

Improving Health Systems Worldwide

Approximately 140 professional staff members, representing 36 nationalities, currently work for the SCIH in Basel and abroad. Our professional backgrounds include: biology, biomedical engineering, business administration, communications, communication technology, development sociology, economics, education, epidemiology, financial management, health technology, medical informatics, medicine, pharmaceutical science  pharmacology, public administration, public health, social anthropology, social geography, social marketing, statistics.

We are globally active and have representatives based in Albania, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Kosovo, Niger, Romania, Rwanda, Tanzania, Romania, Tajikistan and the Ukraine, in addition to Local Fund Agents in 12 countries.

SCIH staff is involved in teaching and training at various Swiss and international universities and contribute actively to the international discussion on health development. We regularly publish papers in peer reviewed journals and support and supervise students in their research projects. We take part in thematic special interest groups within the Institute, fostering cross-fertilisation of ideas and knowledge. An annual Swiss TPH Spring Symposium on international health issues is also organised by the SCIH.

Spring Symposium

  • 2015: Community Participation in Public Health: What's the Added Value in Research and Implementation?
  • 2014: Is ‘Value for Money’ the best Approach for Improving Weak Health Systems?
  • 2013: Primary Health Care and Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in Eastern Europe and Central Asia: Where do we stand and where to go?
  • 2012: eHealth in Proof and Practice
  • 2011: Improving Access through Effective Health Financing
  • 2010: Sex, Youth and Health
  • 2009: Making Health Interventions Work: "From Validation to Application"
  • 2008: The Role of Information & Communication Technologies in Health Systems Development