Health Systems Support

Effective health services can only be assured through sustainable and strong health systems. Evidence informed health workforces and financing policies are the cornerstone of robust health systems. From a systems perspective, we identify, analyse, review and compare health strategies and policies to enlarge the evidence base and facilitate decision making in these critical areas, contributing to the understanding of health reforms and health systems development support.

We evaluate human resources, placing emphasis on, how, and under what conditions a management strengthening intervention can improve workforce performance and retention, and further aid the development of training capacities in low- and middle-income countries.

We undertake economic evaluations encompassing resource planning, costing, cost-effectiveness analysis, and health system financing - including health insurance support and public financial management.

We address the continuum between data, information and knowledge, promoting the production and use of high quality evidence to inform decision making through activities such as data quality audits, generation of evidence from monitoring and evaluation assignments, analyses of surveys, systematic reviews, and design of approaches to develop health systems guidance. 


Experience Portfolio Health Systems Support