The SWAp Website

Aims of the the SWAp Website

  • What is the sector-wide approach?
  • How well do SWAps work in the health sector?
  • What are important current issues in SWAp implementation?
  • How do SWAps compare to other forms of development assistance?
  • In which countries are SWAps being implemented in the health sector?
  • What evaluations have been conducted on the impacts of health SWAps?


It is the aim of this website to address these and other important questions. An important mean of achieving this is the database of studies on SWAps.

The database consists of lists of documents on SWAps or issues related to SWAps structured by topic, by country, and by donor. Most references are downloadable, and for some that are not, a website address is provided. Alternatively, you can contact us and request the document to be sent.

Users are encouraged to send relevant documents that they know about and that they cannot find in the database in order to make the website more complete and therefore, more useful for others. Please send an email to Nicolaus Lorenz. Postal address is: Nicolaus Lorenz, Swiss Tropical Institute, Swiss Centre for International Health, P.O. Box, CH-4002 Basel, Switzerland. Tel +41 61 284 81 25. Fax +41 61 284 81 03.


The SWAp Website was constructed and is maintained by the Swiss TPH on behalf of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)