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Support Group of Swiss TPH

In 1989 staff of Swiss TPH founded the “Support Group of Swiss TPH”, an association of employees and friends of Swiss TPH with a constitution, a managing board and an annual general assembly. Anyone can become a member.

The association’s aim is to offer assistance to people and associations in resource-poor countries - particularly in the sense of helping people to help themselves. The raised funds are used entirely for the benefit of the projects.

Latest News

New school and maternity hospital in Timbou, Togo


The savanna region in the north of Togo is characterized by a dry, semi-arid climate similar to the Sahel. With water shortage and poor soil, the north is the poorest part of the country. In 2012, volunteer members of the Peace Corps who are based for 2 years in this region, submitted a project proposal to the Support Group for the construction of a new school building with 3 rooms in Timbou. Within a few months the construction works were completed and the new school building was ready to move in. In light of this good and very fruitful cooperation the Support Group decided to finance a second project in this area, the renovation of a maternity hospital.

A Peace Corps member had told us about the bad state of the maternity hospital in Timbou district that consisted basically of just one room, allowing not much privacy to the pregnant women giving birth (up to 4000 each year) and the HIV-positive and AIDS patients that are treated there as well. During its renovation parts of the old building were demolished to make rooms for windows and doors, new walls and a ceiling were installed and due to very efficient use of resources, the building is now also supplied with electricity and connected to a newly built water tower.

In March this year, our contact person Aaron wrote to us: "The past few weeks have been very productive for the project in Timbou. We have installed electricity and plumbing in the building. We have also begun painting the building.  This week, we will finish the final coat of paint and lay the tile for the delivery room. The women are already taking bets on who will be the first to deliver a baby in the new building."

The official opening of the maternity in May 2013 was celebrated with a big party: "The event included presentations from the Regional Director of Health, local beer, and inspections of the building by the community. I really wish I could communicate to you the appreciation the community feels for all your help.  As you can see, the community, especially the women, are so grateful for everything your committee has done. The maternity project caught national attention. Because of our renovation, the government is adding another building for the hospital that will add several more beds and they have selected Timbou as one of just two hospitals in the region to receive a sonogram machine!  The Director has also pledged to send more qualified personnel to our village. The point I want to make is that your committee not only provided a building but also the opportunity for my community to significantly increase their access to healthcare.  For this, we are forever grateful."