Autumn Symposium 2013

Mycobacterial Diseases and Co-Morbidities December 5-6, 2013

  • New approaches in TB product development
  • TB: the Known Unknowns
  • Buruli Ulcer
  • TB epidemiology, clinical trials and control

The Swiss TPH cordially invites you to its annual Autumn Symposium, this year on Mycobacterial Diseases and Co-Morbidities, to be held in Basel, Switzerland, December 5-6, 2013.

Some of the most important infectious diseases of humans are caused by mycobacteria. These include tuberculosis (TB) and Buruli Ulcer (BU). TB has afflicted humanity for thousands of years, and continues to cause the death of close to 2 million people a year.  Recently, the modern epidemics of drug resistance, HIV/AIDS and diabetes have become important factors contributing to the increasing burden of TB in the world.

BU, on the other hand, is a disease that emerged only recently, counting among the most neglected infectious diseases and affecting primarily the very poor. As a result, many aspects of BU remain unknown and under-researched, including how BU is transmitted.


This multidisciplinary symposium will bring together several global leaders in TB and BU research, as well as representatives of international organizations and endemic countries involved in the control of these important diseases. We will cover a broad range of topics, including the molecular biology and immunology of TB and BU, with a particular focus on systems biology approaches. Moreover, progress in the development of new diagnostics, drugs, and vaccines will be discussed, as well as our current understanding of the epidemiology of TB and BU in the context of co-morbidities.


We invite scientists, public health specialists, health care providers, and students interested in TB and/or BU to join us, and look forward to welcoming you in Basel.