Swiss TPH Symposia

Each year the Institute organises both, a Spring and an Autumn Symposium. To bring a variety of current issues and topics to the forefront, and tap the magnitude of knowledge at the Swiss TPH, the theme of each Symposium, as well as the hosting department or unit, always differs.

Spring Symposium 2015

April 23, 2015, Basel, Switzerland


Since the early 1970s, participatory approaches involving community members have been used in the public health sector as a strategy to improve the quality of health services as well as their accessibility. The Swiss TPH Spring Symposium 2015 invites health sector specialists, NGOs, academia and government representatives to reflect on the question of the value of Community Participatory Approaches in Public Health from both, research and implementation perspectives.

Medical Anthropology Switzerland Symposium 2015

June 4-5, 2015, University of Basel, Switzerland


The scope of social anthropology has expanded dramatically in the last 100 years, stretching out beyond the traditional areas of museums, ethnographic exploration or descriptive studies. Social anthropology does not occupy a distinctly defined space of work in today’s working world. Social anthropology – medical anthropology included – claims to prepare its students for a broad and diverse scope of work including, for instance, marketing, social work, development cooperation, journalism or work in the biomedical or public health field. Hence, this conference focuses in particular on the juxtaposition of medical anthropology and of both, biomedicine and public health. Thereby, we examine medical anthropologists’ work within biomedical or public health institutions. More...