Autumn Symposium 2008

Health System Strengthening: Role of conditional incentives?

27-28 November 2008 Rheinsprung, Basel, Switzerland

In recent years there has been a rapid increase in interest and application of conditional cash transfers and other incentives intended to strengthen health systems in developing and transition countries. This 12th Symposium of Swiss Tropical Institute (STI) is dedicated to exploring this experience and speculating on the way forward.  Specifically, the Symposium aims to have an in-depth look at current practice and knowledge on supply and demand side conditional incentive mechanisms to increase the quality, coverage and use of essential health services and priority home–based interventions.

We hope this symposium will allow participants to learn from recent experiences in countries of sub Saharan Africa, Asia and elsewhere and to get acquainted with the potential of incentive-based interventions and the role of research. More specifically, this 1.5 day symposium will expose and examine the following aspects:

  • Supply-side incentives: Performance-based conditional incentives through programs and results-based including payment of results-based financial bonuses to health workers to provide specific interventions, as well as the implications for coverage, equity and effects on other services.
  • Demand-side incentives: Provision to specific target groups of conditional benefits such as cash transfers, vouchers or food complements to increase utilization of services, as well as the implications for coverage, equity and effects on other services.
  • Measurement and metrics of the implications of incentives on information accuracy, governance, human resources, financing, and donor support of health systems.
  • The evidence base and emerging implementation research agenda for informing policy on incentive systems.