Autumn Symposium 2009

Environmental Health: here and there

To commemorate the merger of the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine (ISPM) with the Swiss Tropical Institute (STI), the 14th STI Symposium is built around the theme of“ Environmental health: here and there”. A diverse set of case studies will be featured, both from industrialized countries and developing world settings. This thematic focus reflects the substantial body of research, teaching and training of the merged STI/ISPM centred on environmental health issues in the North and in the South. There are three key-note addresses from international leaders in environmental health science and its application to public health. The remaining presentations will be delivered by scientists from the STI/ISPM research groups and its national and international collaborators. The symposium aims to have an in-depth look at positive and negative health effects due to environmental risk factors. The symposium will allow participants to learn from recent experience in industrialized countries (Europe and North America) and developing countries in Africa, Asia and Central and Latin America.