Early life factors and health throughout the life course

On the occasion of the end of the Marie Heim-Vögtlin Grant of Dr. Julia Dratva we invite you cordially to a symposium on “Early life factors of health throughout the life course”. Ever since the Barker hypothesis on early programming of health and disease in the late eighties the evidence of the importance of the early environment for health in childhood, adolescence and later adulthood is increasing. The symposium will present renowned scientists from Europe and Switzerland who investigate early life factors of health in science and clinical work with the aim to understand pathophysiological mechanisms and to advance prevention and health promotion.

Date: Friday, 14th December 2012, 9:00 to 12.30 am

Venue: Swiss TPH, Seminar Room 3, 1st floor (Socinstrasse 55a)


We look forward to your participation.


Dr. Julia Dratva
Society, Gender & Health Unit
Swiss TPH

Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Zemp
SAPALDIA Gender Health
Head of Society, Gender & Health Unit
Swiss TPH

Prof. Dr. Nicole Probst-Hensch
Scientific Director SAPALDIA
Head of Chronic Disease Epidemiology Unit
Swiss TPH