Spring Symposium 2012

eHealth in Proof and Practice: Opportunities and Challenges in International Health

Prof. Marcel Tanner, Director Swiss TPH
Martin Raab, Swiss TPH
Prof. L. Suzanne Suggs, University of Lugano, Switzerland

Years ago the concept of ”eHealth” was discussed only in its general manifestations, but of course, things change. The focus of the spring symposium 2012 was on the review of evidence and best practice of using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT’s) to enhance health services and population health over the past decade.

The one-day event looked at experiences and technologies along three axes:  a) the validation and evaluation of the use of ICT’s in international health; b) the role of openSource applications and c) the challenges and opportunities of mobile technologies (‘mHealth’).

What works in practice:  eHealth strategies on paper and in practice; the generation of evidence for successful ICT projects in health; obstacles and promoters of efficient and sustainable projects; scaling-up of pilot initiatives, regulatory challenges, etc.

openSource for eHealth:  what makes them different from commercial licences?; cross-border development and maintenance of software; from stand alone applications to web 2.0.

Mobile ICT solutions: the potential of mobile connectivity; mobile applications for enhanced service provision, applications for knowledge transfer, applications for learning, applications for …