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08.12.2016 - 16:54

The R. Geigy Foundation honours efforts to overcome 
neglected tropical diseases

Giovanna Raso and Jean T. Coulibaly are the awardees of the R. Geigy-Award 2016 and will share a CHF 20,000 prize in honour of their efforts to fight More...

30.11.2016 - 17:56

World Aids Day 2016: Hands Up for #HIVprevention

Swiss TPH is joining the UNAIDS #HIVprevention awareness campaign. #Hands Up.

10.11.2016 - 08:46

Reducing Childhood Diarrhoea by Integrated Home-Based Interventions

A combination of better indoor air, clean drinking water and improved hygiene in Peruvian households reduces the prevalence of childhood diarrhoea by More...

03.11.2016 - 15:00

Neglected tropical diseases: scientists bridge the gap between innovation and practice

A group of international scientists has published a guide for clinical studies in difficult field circumstances in PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases.

01.11.2016 - 08:30

Tuberculosis bacteria find their ecological niche

TB bacteria vary in their ecological niche. This finding could further complicate the development of novel tuberculosis vaccines. More...