Klaus Reither
[TB, Clinical Trials]


Niklaus Labhardt



Johannes Blum
[NTDs, Tropical and Travel Medicine]

Valérie D’Acremont
[Febrile Illnesses]

Anna Gamell
[HIV/AIDS, Paediatrics]

Blaise Genton

Tracy Glass

Christoph Hatz
[NTDs, Tropical and Travel Medicine]

Emilio Letang

Andreas Neumayr
[NTDs, Tropical and Travel Medicine]

Thomas Zoller
[Lung Health]

Clinical Research Unit

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The scope of the Clinical Research Unit (CRU) is: a) to design, conduct and report clinical research studies at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH) and partner institutions and b) to provide support for Swiss TPH scientists for clinical questions.


The CRU aims to strengthen high standard clinical research at Swiss TPH.  The CRU conducts clinical research in the areas of malaria, febrile illnesses, tuberculosis (TB), HIV/AIDS, neglected tropical diseases (NTD), and emerging non-communicable chronic diseases (NCD) in low- and middle-income countries in collaboration with numerous partner institutes.


The members of the CRU, who have a wide range of expertise in clinical research, provide scientific support with regard to clinical and methodological aspects during the development of research proposals and protocols. The clinical support is part of the Project and Grant Service at Swiss TPH. All proposals and protocols for clinical trials are reviewed by the CRU. Observational clinical studies may also be reviewed if desired by the investigators.

How to get support through the CRU (only for Swiss TPH scientists)

If you wish to receive input to a proposal or a protocol contact the CRU directly via email (klaus.reitheranti spam bot@unibasanti spam bot.ch), using our template, or inform the Project and Grant Service (pgs-tphanti spam bot@unibasanti spam bot.ch) that you want a review by the CRU.