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Office hours (only for members of Swiss TPH)

These office hours are mainly meant for small advice, e.g., on method selection, simple sample size calculations or programming issues. The contact time for each customer will generally be limited to 30'.


To optimize scheduling, customers seeking support are advised to announce their attendance at least 24 hours in advance by e-mail to the person responsible for the respective time slot. This enables us to assign time slots.

Statistics and Data Support

The unit of Biostatistics, the Public Health Computing Group and the group of Bioinformatics of the Swiss TPH provide consulting and support in matters of data management, data analysis and data interpretation. This support is primarily offered to other departments and units of Swiss TPH but it is also available for customers from the medical or science faculty of the University of Basel, including Master and PhD-students. In as much as time resources permit, we can also serve customers from other faculties or from outside the University of Basel.

The first consultation is free of charge for all customers, and members of the Swiss TPH will benefit from a larger exemption. After this, the cost per hour at the current state is 100 CHF for customers of the University of Basel. A lower price will be charged to students and separate prices will be defined for external customers, and customers from within Swiss TPH.

Special arrangements are possible if the project leads to a scientific collaboration. But also in this case, only part of the support can be provided for free. In addition, it is planned that we will provide informal advice during two fixed office hours per week to persons from within Swiss TPH. Interested persons will then have to register for these office hours on-line at least one day ahead. They will be attended on a first come first served basis.


We distinguish

  1. Statistical consulting
  2. Support with statistical analyses
  3. Support with data management
  4. Editorial support (proposals, manuscripts)


We provide methodological advice in matters of

  • study design and power calculation
  • planning of data collection
  • development of software tools for data collection
  • development of data bases
  • data management and cleaning
  • choice of adequate statistical methods
  • statistical analysis
  • interpretation of results


If you have any questions or suggestions concerning our service please contact Dr. Christian Schindler.