COVID-19 Vaccination

As the official vaccination centre of the canton of Basel-Stadt, we offer vaccination with Janssen (Johnson & Johnson).

Everyone who has Swiss health insurance or works in Switzerland (AHV number) is entitled to the vaccination.

The Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) vaccine is only licensed for persons over 18 years of age and is not recommended for persons with an immune deficiency and pregnant women.

Appointments can be booked online:

If you cannot book the appointment online, you can make an appointment by phone: 061 267 01 90. Please have your health insurance card ready.

For general questions about COVID-19 vaccinations, please call 0800 88 66 44.

Janssen Booster

After a first immunisation with Janssen (Johnson&Johnson), a second dose of Janssen can be vaccinated since 25.1.2022. The first Janssen vaccination must have been at least 2 months ago. Appointments can be booked online at

If you have had a first Janssen vaccination and would now like an mRNA vaccination, please call us on 061 267 01 90.

Second Booster Vaccination for Travellers

Those wishing to renew their expiring COVID-19 certificate for a trip can now have a second booster vaccination with Janssen. This is at their own cost of CHF 60, which is to be paid directly on site.

Persons aged 18 and over who have had their first booster vaccination at least four months ago are eligible.

Appointments can be booked online:

Basic Immunisation with Nuvavoxid Vaccine (from Novovax)

Appointments for basic immunisation (first and second vaccination doses) can be booked online at