Swiss TPH offers a diversity of services in global health, ranging from consultancy and project implementation and medical consultations, to clinical trials, diagnostic and medical services.

In addition, Swiss TPH has an extensive experience in identifying new chemical compounds for tropical diseases and testing mosquito repellents and insecticides for various clients.

Consultancy and Project Implementation

Swiss TPH provides policy, strategic and operational advice as well as project design and management in the area of public and global health.

Consultancy and Project Implementation

Clinical Trials and Studies

Swiss TPH conducts clinical trials for new drugs, diagnostics and vaccines to improve access, quality and cost-effectiveness of healthcare in low-income countries.

Clinical Trials Service Provider

More on Clinical Trials at Swiss TPH

Vaccinations and Medical Consultations

As a national centre of competence for travel and tropical medicine, we advise around 14'000 travellers each year before and after their trips.

Centre for Tropical and Travel Medicine

Diagnostic Services

Our Diagnostic Centre is specialised in diagnosing infectious tropical diseases. The laboratory has an internationally recognised expertise in parasitic infections and was nominated as the Swiss National Reference Centre for Imported Parasitic Diseases.

Diagnostic Centre

Drug Discovery

One of Swiss TPH research foci is drug discovery for tropical diseases. Several in vitro assays and in vivo models have been developed to test new chemical compounds. This drug development platform offers its services to various clients.

Bioactives Testing

Repellent and Insecticide Testing

Swiss TPH has extensive experience and a long tradition in testing pesticide products for their efficacy. An experienced team of biologists carries out studies to evaluate mosquito repellents and insecticide products for R&D and registration purposes on behalf of producers and research institutions.

Arthropod Testing Facility

Library and Documentation

The library of Swiss TPH is open to the public and offers literature and other media on public health, epidemiology, global health, travel and tropical medicine, as well as on medical parasitology and biology of infection.


Data Services

Swiss TPH has long-standing expertise in analysing and managing epidemiological and other health-related data. Our team of biostatisticians and computer scientists is available to internal and external customers.

Data Support