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Travelling with children? Are you pregnant? Do you have special medical requirements? Or are you planning an unusual trip to a remote region? We will inform you about specific medical risks and preventive measures.

Your Travel Destination

Are you travelling to Africa, Asia or South America? We provide specific information on malaria prophylaxis and vaccinations tailored to your destination.

14,000 Travellers a Year

We offer a wide range of travel medicine services. Approximately 14,000 travellers per year and numerous callers from Switzerland and abroad are advised on prophylaxis, vaccinations or special needs before travelling, or receive medical treatment after their trip. Our diagnostic centre is the National Reference Centre for Imported Parasitoses and Reference Centre for Malaria Diagnostics.

Up-to-date Information

Recommendations given are always up to date, reflecting current outbreaks of epidemics around the world or changes in entry requirements for different countries.

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