Swiss TPH Travel Clinic

Travel Advice

Swiss TPH is a Centre of Competence for travel and tropical medicine. Our specialised medical doctors are covering all aspects of travellers health including vaccination, malaria prophylaxis and special medical needs related to travelling.

Treatment of Travel Diseases

Our specialists for tropical infectious diseases can help you if you should return from tropical and subtropical areas with medical problems. You can count on our professional medical provision and best-practice treatments.

Emergency Cases

An emergency doctor specialised in tropical medicine is on hold 24 hours  / 7 days a week.

SafeTravel - Online Medical Recommendation

Online-Platform providing travel health actualities and medical travel guidebook

Information on the Zika Virus

Specific Travel Requirements

Are you travelling with children? Are you pregnant? Do have special medical needs? Or do you plan an extraordinary travel activity in a remote region? We inform you about special medical risks and preventive actions.

Your Travel Destination

Are you travelling to Africa, to Asia or South-America? We provide specific information about malaria prophylaxis and vaccinations tailored to your travel destination.

10,000 Travellers per Year

We offer a broad range of services regarding travel medicine. Approximately 10,000 travellers per year and over 30,000 callers from Switzerland and abroad are advised about prophylaxis, vaccination or specific needs before travel, or receive post-travel medical treatment.

Up-to-date Information

Recommendations given are always up to date, reflecting current outbreaks of epidemics worldwide, or changes in entry requirements of the different countries.

Daniel Paris
Véronique Sydow
Bernhard Beck
Johannes Blum
Christian Kositz
Esther Künzli
Marion Maier
Veronika Muigg
Andreas Neumayr

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