Purchase of Supporting Country-Level Zero-TCA in Gambia

Swiss TPH will support the Country Programme Team in Gambia’s Zero-Dose and Reach efforts by reinforcing the capacity of the Gambia’s Ministry of Health (MoH) Expanded Programme for Immunisation (EPI) staff at the national, regional and operational level, in the effective use of data for improved planning, monitoring and decision making. More specifically, the assignment seeks to achieve the following:

1. Improve data use-related capacity, tools, evidence generation and/or systems for programme monitoring and learning, especially at the subnational level.

2. Strengthen information systems relevant for the identification and reach of zero-dose and under-immunised children

The activities to be implemented include the development of technical guidance for use of data to reach under-immunised and zero-dose children at the regional and health facilities, training of central and regional level in use of data to reach under-immunised and zero-dose, and quarterly meetings at the regional level with all Health Facilities

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Dr. Luis Segura, MD, MSc
Project Leader


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