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Winter Symposium 2020


Strong and resilient supply chains are at the core of health systems and achieving Universal Health Coverage. Join the Swiss TPH Winter Symposium on 1 December 2020 to discuss innovative strategies and applications around the world.

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One Health - New Edition

The concept of combined veterinary and human health, has now expanded beyond emerging infectious diseases and zoonoses to incorporate a wider suite of health issues. Retaining its interdisciplinary focus which combines theory with practice, this new edition illustrates the contribution of One Health collaborations to real-world issues such as sanitation, economics, food security and vaccination programmes.

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Air Pollution and Health


According to WHO estimates, almost 20% of all deaths in Europe are due to harmful environmental conditions. Air pollution is the main environmental risk factor. Swiss TPH created an interactive graph showing the health effects of the most important pollutants in the air.


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World Diabetes Day

As the number of people with diabetes continues to rise, the role of nurses and other health professionals becomes increasingly important in the prevention and management of diabetes. Swiss TPH supports the Healthy Life Project in Moldova to improve the quality of care and access to services and information on NCDs, empowering people to take responsibility of their own health.

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Seasonal Loans Reduce Hunger and Poverty

Small-scale farmers, in particular those in developing countries, often struggle during the months before a harvest as farmers cash and grain supply begin to run low.

A recent publication by Swiss TPH and partners found that seasonal loans are a feasible and welcomed solution to support farmers during the difficult "lean season" before a harvest.

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Airplane Noise at Night Can Trigger Cardiovascular Death

For the first time, a study demonstrated that loud night-time noise from airplanes can trigger a cardiovascular death within two hours. Researchers from the Swiss Tropical and... More...


Iron Infusion Proves Effective to Treat Anaemia in Rural Africa

Iron-deficiency anaemia is a major concern in low-income settings, especially for women. In a new study by the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH) and partners... More...


Largest Clinical Trial in Africa to Treat COVID-19 Cases is Launched in 13 Countries

African countries and an international network of research institutions, including the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH), have joined forces to launch the... More...