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Swiss TPH was commissioned by the Basel-Stadt Department of Health, in collaboration with the Basel-Stadt Office for Social Contributions, to conduct an external evaluation of the Basel health audio tool "Simply listen". This audio tool was developed to inform hard-to-reach groups about health issues, thereby strengthening their health skills and improving their health in the long term. It is an audio message that is translated into several languages and recorded by native speakers who work as intercultural mediators for the HEKS (Relief organisation of the Swiss Protestant Reformed Church). They then distribute the message among their networks using What’s App and other channels. In this project, an audio on the topic of health insurance was produced. It contained information on the deadlines for cancelling or changing health insurance, on the different insurance models, on deductibles and premium reductions and on contact points where support is offered. The aim was to ensure that people and households who are entitled to a premium reduction receive the information they need to claim it. The target groups were adults resident in the canton of Basel-Stadt who are entitled to a premium reduction.
The external evaluation consisted of various parts: a concept evaluation of the project's concepts and inputs, a process evaluation of implementation and services (outputs) based on an effect model, an outcome evaluation with the aim of analysing the short and medium-term effects achieved and an impact evaluation relating to indirect longer-term effects on society.

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