Dr. Astrid Knoblauch

Postdoctoral Scientific Collaborator

Astrid Knoblauch is a trained epidemiologist (MSc, PhD) and a public health expert in health impact assessment and tuberculosis epidemiology. Astrid Knoblauch works at the interface between service and research, with a focus on the assessment and long-term monitoring of health impacts of large infrastructure projects in sub-Saharan Africa and beyond.

Astrid Knoblauch is currently based in Antananarivo, Madagascar, as a visiting postdoc at the Institut Pasteur de Madagascar working in collaboration with the National Tuberculosis Control Programme on TB-related research and control activities. She is specifically looking into improving adherence to anti-tuberculosis drugs in the Malagasy population in her project "Propel Madagascar towards data-driven, patient-centric tuberculosis treatment".

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