PD Dr. Maja Weisser Rohacek, Dr.

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PD Dr. Maja Weisser joined the Swiss Tropical and Pubic Health Institute and Ifakara Health Institute in 2015. She is the current Head of the Chronic Diseases Clinic Ifakara (CDCI) located in St. Francis Hospital, Ifakara, Tanzania. She is a Medical Doctor and Research Scientist with an Associate Professorship from the University of Basel. She worked for many years at the University Hospital in Basel, Switzerland, and did her Research Fellowship at the Medical Microbiology Department in Utrecht, Netherlands. Her focus of interest includes infections in the immunocompromised host, specifically transplant recipients, HIV- infected persons, and persons suffering from Tuberculosis. Dr. Weisser has published in the field of infections in the immunocompromised host, and is currently working on projects focusing on Tuberculosis in HIV-infected patients, Co-morbidities in HIV-infected patients and nosocomial infections. Alongside leading the CDCI, Dr, Weisser is lecturing at the University of Basel on Infectious Diseases and supervises students for PHD, Master thesis, and medical dissertations.


Links to publications: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed?term=Weisser%2C%20Maja%5BAuthor%5D




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