Our Expertise in Long-Term Studies

Thanks to long-term studies, we today know that tobacco consumption, lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet significantly increase the risk of cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

In such long-term studies, voluntary participants are monitored over many years or even decades and samples and data are stored and analysed continuously. One example is a study conducted by Swiss TPH which was able to show that aircraft noise is a burden on health and can lead to sleep disorders and cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. This kind of evidence is needed for policy change and can ultimately lead to a healthier environment.

Valuable health data in biobanks

The state-of-the-art biobanks at our new headquarters allow for the storage of 1.5 million biological samples from study participants. The health data stored in biobanks enables us to gain a better understanding of the long-term effects of environmental factors, chemicals and lifestyle on health. It can also provide the basis for identifying new diagnostics and therapies in the field of chronic diseases and provide an important basis for successful prevention and health promotion.

With new funding opportunities, we have the possibility to study the causes of pulmonary diseases and illnesses such as Alzheimer and Parkinson, and long-term health effects of digitalization on the development of children and adolescents. And with the support of forward-thinking donors we could break new grounds in the research of disease prevention in an increasingly aging society.

If you are interested in supporting us in this, we would be happy to discuss these and other fields of application and possible collaborations.

Please note that donations to Swiss TPH are channeled through the R. Geigy Foundation — a foundation established to support Swiss TPH's activities.

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If you would like to support our research, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can answer any questions you may have.


Beatrice Stauffer

Fundraising Manager