CORESMA - Application of the epidemic surveillance and response analysis system (SORMAS) to improve preparedness and surveillance in the face of the COVID-19 epidemic in Côte d'Ivoire and Nepal: an implementation research study

To date, there are no published evaluations on the application of SORMAS (surveillance of outbreak response management and analysis software) to the COVID-19 outbreak. The efficacy of SORMAS for preparedness and response has been highlighted in recent publications and reports in Nigeria for the Lassa fever and Human Monkey Pox outbreaks, but its effectiveness in improving preparedness and surveillance for COVID-19 has due to the recent outbreak not yet been rigorously evaluated. In this respect, the present study will focus on implementation challenges at health service level going along the deployment of SORMAS. Particular emphasis will be placed on two aspects; namely (i) on the implementation process of using SORMAS, including the acceptability of using SORMAS, and (ii) on the outcomes of using SORMAS for preparedness and epidemic surveillance. The resulting evidence will be of crucial importance to continuously improve risk assessment with early detection and response, and to strengthen decision makers’ considerations on broader use and scalability of SORMAS as a public health intervention. Our findings will provide unique and reliable evidence to overcome implementation barriers of deploying SORMAS and for improving preparedness and surveillance management to COVID-19 for the health systems in Côte d’Ivoire and Nepal.

This project is a work package (WP4) embedded in the larger CORESMA study COVID-19-Outbreak Response combining E-health, Serolomics, Modelling, Artificial Intelligence and Implementation Research.


Kaspar Wyss

Kaspar Wyss, Professor, PhD, MPH
Head of Department, Deputy Director


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