BSM - Backstopping Mandate Health Focal Point, Health Network and Global Health, Phase XIX

The objective of the backstopping mandate (BSM)is to support SDC‘s core competence in health and provide advisory services to SDC‘s Global Programme Health (GPH), its Health Focal Points, and to the members of SDC‘s Health Network and partners. Backstopping assistance provided by the Swiss TPH is intended to support SDC in evidence-based interventions and policy-making with intended outcomes that SDC and its partners are kept up-to-date in the field of global health and apply evidence-based knowledge to enhance the impact of bilateral and global health interventions; Innovations and experience from SDC health projects are communicated to a broader audience.

Objectives of the BSM are achieved through following activity lines:
1. Keeping SDC and its partners up-to-date in the field of global health;
2. Providing technical support through inputs based on research and provided by experts;
3. Knowledge management, capacity development, and network events;
4. Other unexpected specific needs, which might go beyond SDC‘s health priorities (e.g.conferences)

Public Health

Project Facts