IMVAHA - The impact of menstrual health management on the vaginal microbiome: Linking transdisciplinary health science and policy to improve safety and hygiene for the benefit of women’s health

At least one out of three to four women experiences vaginal health issues due to an unbalance of beneficial and harmful microbes. These microbes live in each vagina and are known as the vaginal microbiome. However, most women fear asking for help and are not aware of the army of microbes that protect their vaginas. We aim to empower women by providing vaginal health knowledge through the Marie project. In doing so, we will focus our attention on the actual guardians of intimate health: the vaginal microbiome. We believe that this knowledge will encourage women to practice better self-care and ultimately enjoy healthier lives.


Sonja Merten

Prof. Sonja Merten, MD, PD, PhD, MPH
Head of Unit


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