Statistical and Mathematical Modelling

We generate evidence on disease and health through the development and application of computational, statistical and mathematical modelling of biological disease and epidemiological data.

Quantitative sciences are at the core of biological disease and public health research worldwide and continue to grow in importance. At Swiss TPH, we develop and apply quantitative approaches along the value chain of innovation, validation and application to address health questions and understand disease dynamics at the host, population and systems levels, and provide model-based evidence to decision-makers at the national and global policy levels. Swiss TPH has a track record in space-time and geo-spatial analyses of exposures, risk factors and disease patterns, and in mathematical and simulation modelling of infectious diseases, particularly malaria, tuberculosis and other poverty-related diseases. At Swiss TPH, we analyse a wide range of disease and epidemiological data, with a focus on causal inference using observational, longitudinal and clinical trial data.