Working at Swiss TPH

Be Part of a Globally Acting Institution

Swiss TPH is a world-leading institute in health research, training and services. It improves, maintains and promotes the health of individuals and societies in Switzerland and all around the globe. A special emphasis is on resource-constrained countries

850 People from 80 Nations

Swiss TPH employs about 690 staff members and hosts 160 students (Ph.D. and master students). This great variety and diversity  generates an inspiring atmosphere and encourages multidisciplinary projects. Collaboration and exchange not only characterises the internal but also the relationship with the outside word.

Mutual Learning for Change

One of core principles is learning from each other to make a difference: Mutual learning for change.

Prof. Marcel Tanner

“We are not living in the first, second or third world - we live in one world.”

Prof. Marcel Tanner
Director Emeritus