Unit | Digital Health

Technology for Improved Health Systems

Health systems are increasingly dependent on technology. Appropriate infrastructure, medical facilities and equipment, health devices, logistics and proper management are crucial for preventive and curative health services. The rapid propagation of health technology is fuelled by changing demographics, scientific progress, societal expectations and a changing burden of diseases.

Our Expertise, our Country Focus,

We are experts in the field of Health Technology management and the use of Information and Communication Technologies in health systems. We focus on international development in low income and transition countries. Our core competencies are technology and know-how transfer through systematic assessment, appropriate solutions, process and system optimization, including human resources and institutional capacity building.

Added Values and Long Term Sustainability

The implications of technology in terms of opportunities, increasing recurrent costs, additional support services, change in medical practice and training needs are often underestimated. As a result, the widespread irrational use of technology leads to wasting of scarce resources and weakens health systems performance. The most current knowledge is required to ensure that health service provision makes the best use of available technology.

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