Diagnostic Orders

We are specialised in the diagnosis of parasite infections. Our many years of expertise in various, partly very rare, parasitic diseases characterize us. We also offer a well-diversified method repertoire for the examination of patient samples.

Please use our request form and fill in all required personal details and mark desired analysis.

Individual analyzes are settled according to the tariffs listed. (Data without guarantee, changes are possible)

A processing fee will be charged per patient and order.

Price List (as of 1 January 2023)

Proper sample collection, adequate transport conditions and complete accompanying information are prerequisites for meaningful microbiological results. Errors committed here, often cannot be corrected even by the best laboratory methods. Please contact us for further information.

The 10 Most Important Rules

  1. Retrieve samples from which pathogens are to be isolated or directly or indirectly detected, before starting or changing any antimicrobial therapy
  2. Obtain the sample preferably at the site of the infection
  3. Avoid contamination of the sample
  4. Gather enough material
  5. Use sterile, lockable containers and where required, use specific transport methods
  6. Label each sample with the name of the patient
  7. Communicate clinical (suspected) diagnosis or questions to the laboratory
  8. Specify the examination material and localisation of the sampling
  9. Specifically request pathogens that are not routinely searched by the laboratory
  10. Rapid transport to the laboratory