Core Malaria Modelling

Core to our modelling work is the development and use of an individual-based model of malaria transmission dynamics known as OpenMalaria. This model is an open-source tool for simulating the dynamics of malaria transmission and epidemiology, and the impact of interventions on health and economic outcomes. The opensource code and details of our model OpenMalaria can be found here.

The model can simulate malaria in village or district size human populations, and has been used to address questions on disease dynamics and the use of interventions. Developed and maintained by the Disease Modelling Unit of Swiss TPH, our OpenMalaria model is used by a wide range of modellers worldwide.

This collaboration with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation supports the improvement and maintenance of OpenMalaria as well as the development of new mathematical malaria models. This project will provide model-based evidence for the Foundation and key partners towards improved investment and decision-making for better malaria control and elimination.

Project Facts