Doctorate and PhD Programmes

Swiss TPH offers PhD students registered at the University of Basel a broad range of research areas. Swiss TPH's academic faculty supervises PhD students in the fields of medical parasitology and infection biology, public health and epidemiology and medical anthropology.

Swiss TPH has also contributed substantially to the MD/PhD programme development through its activities with the Swiss School of Public Health (SSPH+) and the University of Basel. In addition, Swiss TPH is on the board of the PhD Program Health Sciences (PPHS) of the Medical Faculty of Basel. In collaboration with ETH Zurich, the inter-university PhD programme in infection biology (IPPIB) was successfully launched in 2014.

The total number of doctoral students has steadily increased and there are currently over 180 PhD students supervised by Swiss TPH staff. Every year, around 45 young researchers from all over the world receive the doctoral title. A detailed description of all steps of undertaking a PhD can be found in the Student Handbook.

Swiss TPH PhD students are accepted and registered in a range of PhD study areas (Promotionsfächer) offered by University Basel.

Although not required, many Swiss TPH PhD students profit from the additional enrollment in a structured PhD programmes. Most of these programmes are organized externally. Rules, requirements and benefits – such as access to free courses and other fundings – vary across programmes. All have though in common that apart of the 12 ECTS of course work required from all PhD students at Uni Basel, additional ECTS must be achieved.

“Working and studying at Swiss TPH has allowed me to develop my skills and knowledge in public health and epidemiology through its excellent research and teaching environment. The institute's expertise and resources have enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of public health issues, while also building my confidence in professional and scientific settings.”

Nino Maghradze

PhD graduate, Tuberculosis Ecology and Evolution unit

[Translate to German:] Achievements of Past and Current PhD Students

Training Certifiacte of the IGS North-South

Apart from the structured programs, some Swiss TPH PhD students may enroll in the 12-ECTS training certificate of the International Graduate School (IGS) North-South

Courses and Seasonal Schools

Our PhD students can profit from many courses and seasonal schools, offered by any of the above mentioned programs, by the Swiss School of Public Health (SSPH+) partners, by University Basel or by many other providers. PhD students and supervisors discuss together the course work to be done during the PhD studies. While those need to be in line with the rules of University Basel or the additional structured PhD programs, supervisors tailor the schedule to the needs of the students. PhD students should also train transferable skills which are – among others – offered by University Basel.