openIMIS:Innovation and learning in social protection

Under this project, Swiss TPH provides knowledge on openIMIS to improve capacity within (and outside) the openIMIS community to implement openIMIS, improve the quality of the released product and support the expansion to new implementation sites through feasibility studies. We enhance the existing openIMIS Implementation starter kit, costing tools, training materials and other resources on the knowledge base of openIMIS (the openIMIS Wiki, website, github repository, etc.). We provide inputs and facilitate discussions in the openIMIS community to further enhance knowledge of community members, undertake trainings and develop other knowledge products through a consultative process. We also develop in a consultative manner functional specifications for identified features from the openIMIS issue queue.

We provide core implementation related expertise on the current functionalities of openIMIS, to position openIMIS as the leading tool of managing social (health) protection schemes, and increasing its implementations in partner countries. These expectations are summarized into three key objectives:

1.         Providing expert knowledge on the openIMIS’ application to various types of social (health) protection schemes and explore potential for new functionalities and implementations of openIMIS.

2.         Ensure the intended functionality of the new openIMIS releases using an expanded and improved version of the current testing methodology.

3.         Support in conducting feasibility studies regarding the use of openIMIS for the management of social (health) protection schemes in partner countries.

Health Informatics

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