The Swiss TPH Winter Symposium 2016 invites medical and health sector specialists to review and discuss history, successes and future of Malaria control and elimination. Topics will include:

  • Malaria Control History, Successes and the Way Forward
  • Vector Control
  • Antimalarial Drug Discovery
  • Extending the Use of Antimalarials
  • Malaria Vaccines
  • Surveillance and Health Systems
  • Country Issues, Technical Support and Capacity Building


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Christian Lengeler (Content)
Konstantina Boutsika (Content)
Joanne Blackwell (Event)

Program, Thursday, 8 December

Welcome and Registration
08:15    Registration
08:45    Welcome and Introduction, Christian Lengeler, Swiss TPH

Session 1 – Setting the Scene and Highlighting Successes
Chair:  Marcel Tanner, Swiss TPH
09:00    History of Malaria Control and Lessons Learned, Justin Cohen, Clinton Health Access Initiative, USA
09:30    A Quantitative History of Malaria in Maps, Ewan Cameron, University of Oxford, UK
10:00     Where We Stand and Where We Want To Go, Pedro Alonso, Global Malaria Programme World Health Organization, Switzerland
10:30    Coffee Break

Session 2 – Malaria Vaccines
Chair: Blaise Genton, Swiss TPH
11:00     Challenging the Current Vaccine Pipeline, Odile Leroy, European Vaccine Initiative, Germany
11:30     Vaccine R&D for Infectious Diseases with Epidemic Potential, Marie-Paule Kieny, World Health Organization, Switzerland
12:00    Defining Success for Next Generation Malaria Vaccines, Melissa Penny, Swiss TPH
12:30    Lunch

Session 3 – Antimalarial Drug Discovery
Chair:  Hans-Peter Beck, Swiss TPH
14:00    Mass Production of Gametocytes: Opportunities for Drug and Vaccine Discovery, Till Voss, Swiss TPH
14:30    Global Drug Discovery for Malaria, Paul Willis, Medicines for Malaria Venture, Switzerland
15:00    Drug Discovery at Swiss TPH, Matthias Rottmann, Swiss TPH
15:30    Coffee Break

Session 4 – Extending the Use of Antimalarials
Chair: Andrea Bosman, World Health Organization
16:00    Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention, Badara Cisse, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK
16:30    Mass Drug Administration – When Is It Useful? Kwaku Poku Asante, Kintampo Health Research Centre, Ghana
17:00    Changing Malaria Risk for Travellers, Christoph Hatz, Swiss TPH
17:30    Launch of Swiss Malaria Group Photo Contest 2017 and Cocktails

Program, Friday, December 9

Session 5 – Vector Control
Chair: Pie Müller, Swiss TPH
09:00   Vector Control Strategies and Successes, Tessa Knox, World Health Organization, Switzerland
09:30   Insecticide Resistance: Why It Matters and What We Can Do, Mark Hoppé, Syngenta, Switzerland
10:00    New Tools and Innovations in Vector Control, Sarah Moore, Swiss TPH
10:30    Coffee Break

Session 6 – Surveillance and Health Systems
Chair: Fabrizio Tediosi, Swiss TPH
11:00    Surveillance as an Intervention, Marcel Tanner, Swiss TPH
11:30    Diagnostics for Malaria Surveillance, Ingrid Felger, Swiss TPH
12:00   Better Health Systems for Malaria Surveillance and Control, Ikupa Akim and Fabrizio Molteni, Swiss TPH NETCELL Project, Tanzania
12:30    Lunch

Session 7 – Country Issues, Technical Support and Capacity Building
Chair: Kaspar Wyss, Swiss TPH
13:30    Focus on the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Joris Losimba Likwela, National Malaria Control Programme, DR Congo
14:00    Focus on Tanzania, Renata Mandike, National Malaria Control Programme, Tanzania
14:30    Swiss TPH’s Support to the Global Malaria Control Effort, Helen Prytherch, Swiss TPH
15:00    Maintaining Momentum, Achieving Successes, Bernard Nahlen, President’s Malaria Initiative USAID, USA
15:30    Closing Words, Jürg Utzinger, Director Swiss TPH
15:40    Coffee Break

Geigy Foundation Award 2016
16:00    Rudolf Geigy Foundation Award Ceremony
              - Geigy Award Intro
              - Giovanna Raso
              - Jean Coulibaly
              - Geigy Award 2016

17:30    Cocktails

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Building on Success - Malaria Control and Elimination

Swiss TPH Winter Symposium - 8-9 December 2016 - Congress Center Basel, Switzerland