Swiss TPH - Excellence in Global Health

The Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH) is a world-leading institute in global health with a particular focus on low- and middle-income countries.

Research, education and services

By uniquely combining research, education and services, we aim to improve the health and well-being of people through a better understanding of disease and health systems and by acting on this knowledge.

From science to impact

Our translational approach, from innovation and validation to application, enables us to bring novel diagnostics, drugs and vaccines directly to people, communities, policy and decision makers. Throughout, we pursue a spirit of partnership and strive for sustainable impact in over 130 countries.

Broad expertise

950 staff and students from 95 nations work at Swiss TPH focusing on climate change, environment and health, infectious and non-communicable diseases, societal and cultural context, and health systems and policies. Our expertise spans from the bench to the field, from basic to operational, from molecular to spatial, and from genes to health systems. We treasure partnership, constantly go the extra mile and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.

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