80 Years Education and Training

Education and training has been a cornerstone of Swiss TPH since the beginning and the first general tropical course held in 1944. Today, Swiss TPH provides a unique learning experience in a broad range of topics, including international health, epidemiology, public health, infection biology, clinical practice, and management. Swiss TPH offers bachelor’s and master’s programmes, as well as PhD programmes in association with the University of Basel, the oldest university in Switzerland. At the postgraduate level, a range of short courses, professional certificates (CAS), diplomas (DAS) and master’s (MAS) programmes can be completed.

Join us at Swiss TPH to embark on an exciting educational journey and become part of a vibrant community dedicated to making the world a healthier place!

We have extensive experience in education, training and capacity strengthening in the fields of global and public health, epidemiology and infectious diseases, as well as clinical practice and management. As a result, there are many reasons for why you should study at Swiss TPH.

Unique insights into global health

Our unique combination of research, education and services shapes the course curricula and provides you with practice-oriented and evidence-based education programmes. Through Swiss TPH’s global and interdisciplinary partnerships, you will gain a comprehensive view of the interactions between health, diseases, health systems and the broader environment.

Practical skills for the future

Swiss TPH prepares students with the necessary skills and competencies to tackle current and future challenges in an ever-changing and complex world. Focusing on method and skill development, you will be prepared to become a leader in addressing health challenges at a regional, national and global level. With an emphasis on practical learning, master’s and PhD students get the opportunity to apply their knowledge by contributing to ongoing Swiss TPH projects in Switzerland and abroad.

International community

Our educational programmes provide a lively platform for mutual learning thanks to both our international activities in over 100 countries and the diverse backgrounds of our students and facilitators. The experienced teaching faculty, joint programmes with global organisations and participation in education networks such as the Swiss School of Public Health (SSPH+), the tropEd network and the Consortium for Advanced Research Training in Africa (CARTA) enhance cross-border collaboration, knowledge sharing and student mobility. You will also benefit from our dedicated global network of current and former students, which provides life-long connections and opportunities for personal and professional development.

Innovative learning environment

Thanks to our long-standing expertise in education and training, you can choose from a well-established course portfolio with interactive teaching formats. Our courses and programmes are delivered on-site or in a hybrid format. Located in a dynamic life science and biotech hub in Allschwil next to Basel, our new building is well equipped with state of the art seminar rooms, laboratories and a modern library with student workstations.

Individual support and flexibility

Students at Swiss TPH benefit from an excellent staff-to-student ratio. Our study programmes are designed to be flexible and modular allowing students to customise their education to match their interests and career goals. This approach ensures that you will receive a well-rounded education that is both practical and relevant to your individual career path.


At Swiss TPH, you will benefit from a rich academic environment and a vibrant student community. Our headquarters are located in a bustling life sciences hub in Allschwil, adjacent to Basel, with easy access to the city centre within 10 minutes by public transport. Basel, a cosmopolitan city on the border of France and Germany, offers excellent opportunities for cultural and sporting activities.

The Basel area is one of the world’s leading life science locations and home to over 700 life science companies. Swiss TPH is a part of this thriving environment, alongside major pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, start-ups and academic research institutions.

Fieldwork provides students with hands-on experience in Basel, other regions in Switzerland and abroad, allowing them to apply theoretical knowledge to real-life situations and gain a deeper understanding of the health challenges faced by local communities.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about studying at Swiss TPH and to provide you with the information you need to choose the most suitable programme or course for you.

Bachelor's, master's and PhD programmes
Professional postgraduate programmes