SARChi - Joint South Africa and Swiss Chair in Global Environmental Health

This first South African-Swiss bilateral research chair on Global Environmental Health in Cape Town addresses emerging environmental health problems in South Africa. The collaboration consists of four projects: (i) a cohort study on agricultural pesticides on the development and respiratory health effects among rural children in the Western Cape (CapSA- Child health Agricultural Pesticide Study in SA); (ii) a cohort study on the effects of ambient air pollutants on childhood asthma in the Western Cape region; (iii) an ecosystem approach on the health risks associated with chemical pollution and bio contamination of water sources and soil in the Western Cape; (iv) a health risk assessment on the impact of climate change on ecosystems, water, chemical usages and health including vulnerabilities assessment and adaptation challenges in the Western Cape and in South Africa and (v) African Pesticide intervention Project (APsent including APsent_Uganda) on effective intervention strategies to reduce harmful pesticide use for the environment and human health.

Involved Regions: Africa
Involved Countries: South Africa

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Martin Röösli

Martin Röösli, Associate Professor, PhD
Group Leader


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