Christian Auer, PhD

Project Officer / Manager

PhD Epidemiologist

Christian Auer is a Public Health Specialist with a focus on the control of tuberculosis and multidrug-resistant tuberculosis at the Swiss TPH. Holder of a PhD in Epidemiology as well as of two Masters of Sciences (Epidemiology and Medical Zoology), he has longstanding experience in development and health cooperation, lived for 15 years in the Philippines where he worked for three years with the Global Fund Principal Recipient on TB and with the Sub-Recipient responsible for the treatment of MDR-TB cases. His second Master thesis and his PhD thesis dealt with tuberculosis in the Philippines. Dr. Auer has extensive consultancy experience mostly for the Stop TB Department of WHO. He has so far performed seven Global Drug Facility (GDF) missions and other TB-related missions in nine low- and middle-income countries. As a Public Health Specialist and TB expert, he has done approximately 120 GDF desk audit reviews over the past eight years and was involved in five data quality audits for the Global Fund regarding TB and one data quality audit regarding HIV/AIDS. He has also done evaluations/assessments of TB projects (e.g. for UNITAID and FIND), two studies on tuberculosis in Switzerland and a special study on treatment outcome of drug-resistant TB cases in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (for the Global Fund). More recently, he has become involved in the conduction of systematic reviews and in an on-going research project on improving health information systems in three African countries.

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