Dr. Luis Segura, MD, MSc

J. Luis Segura is a medical doctor and public health expert, with extensive experience in the monitoring and evaluation of public health interventions.  At Swiss TPH his main role has been related to the assessment of the design, implementation and performance of programs funded by The Global Fund in the Americas, Africa, and South East Asia regions.  He also has led a large malaria program in Equatorial Guinea, which  in addition to communicational interventions, vector control, and technical and logistic support to case management, included clinical trials of a sporozoite based malaria vaccine.
His experience includes also operational research and monitoring of maternal-child and reproductive health programs, including behavioral studies related to hygiene practices and assessing the impact of communicational interventions in the hand washing practices and diarrhea morbidity. 
The substantial experience of J. Luis Segura on operational research, management of public health programs, and the implementation of health information systems in diverse settings, contributes to his effective leadership and understanding of global initiatives in public health.

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