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Application to the MAS in International Health is via the Health Care and Management: From Research to Implementation core course. Upon successful completion of the core course, a supplementary application and personal statement will be solicited from the student.

Master of Advanced Studies in International Health: Further Information

The Master in International Health is implemented in several European universities. The Master in International Health is a joint master's degree programme in which students not only pursue their studies at Swiss TPH, but also take a substantial number of accredited short courses at oune of the more than 30 participating universities in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia or Central America.

Health professionals (medical doctors, nurses, midwives, pharmacists, veterinarians), managers, planners, social scientists, health systems researchers, anthropologists, educators.

Total costs of the programme: depending on the advanced optional modules chosen.  

Registration fee for the Master programme: CHF 1,000
Core course in Basel: CHF 7,000
Advanced optional modules: 10,000 to CHF 13,000 total (depending on the modules taken)
Thesis fee: of CHF 1,000

Costs for travel to the partner institutions, and associated accommodation and living expenses have to be added.

Students are evaluated during both the distance-based and on-campus phases of the programme, through written examinations, individual and team assignments, oral presentations, and the Master thesis.

For Graduation completion of 11 modules and the Master thesis are required.

The Master programme is equivalent to one year of full-time study and can be spread over a period of up to five years. Student investment time for the core course, the advanced modules and the thesis work is, on average, equally distributed, summing up to 1,800 hours.

The Programme consists of three main parts: Core Course, Advanced Optional Modules and Master Thesis


In addition to being a “home institute” for students and a provider of the personal tutor, Swiss TPH also offers the following core courses and advanced optional modules:  

Core course

  • Health Care and Management in Tropical Countries

Advanced optional modules

  • Health in detention
  • Health policy and systems analysis
  • How to plan successfully? A focus on priority setting, resource allocation
    and strategic planning for health
  • Medical priorities and clinical tropical medicine in South East Asia
  • Social marketing and communication
  • Travellers’ health
  • Scientific writing

Information about courses can be found here