Axs2OH: Access to Oral Health among Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Switzerland

(Please note that this page is currently under construction.)


What is good oral health?

Good oral health means having a clean, healthy mouth, teeth, and gums without pain, disease, or problems that affect eating, speaking, or smiling.

Aim of the research project?

Axs2OH is a scientific project that aims to understand and improve oral health among refugees and asylum seekers. We will explore factors that affects one’ oral health care behavior and the consequences of compromised oral health.

Why this research project is important?

Oral health is an important part of overall health. However, oral health and provided dental care among asylum seekers and refugees in Switzerland, are not yet explored.

Who is invited to participate in the research project?

We invite adolescent (14-17 years) and adult (18 years and older) Arabic-speaking asylum seeker and refugees who reside in Basel Stadt, Basel Landschaft or Zurich.

What does participation involve?

Currently, participation in the survey is open. If you are recruited to participate, a member of the study team will make an appointment to ask you questions and note your answers.

In compensation to your valuable participation, you will receive a shopping voucher worth CHF 30 from Migros and a toothbrush from TRISA.

When and where will the results of the study be published?

The results will be published in scientific journals and will be linked on this website.

Where can I find more detailed information about the research project?

Detailed information about the study can be found at the following link:

I am interested in participating - what should I do next?

If you meet the above criteria, please register using the following link or contact Lujain Alchalabi by phone or email:

Tel. 0041 791242884,

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in taking part in the study, you can contact Lujain Alchalabi by phone or email: 0041 791242884,

The protection of personal data is strictly regulated by Swiss law. We will strictly follow all regulations to ensure the security of your data. During the Axs2OH study, we will collect personal information and health data. The Swiss TPH research team is committed to the secure storage of your person-identifying information and research data. The Ethics Committee Northwestern and Central Switzerland has approved the Axs2OH study.

The research project is funded by the Research Fund of the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute.