DIMAS - Democratizing Neglected Tropical Diseases Interventions through Citizen Science for Improving Women’s Health in a Fragile Setting at Lake Chad

In crisis areas, health systems struggle to serve refugee, internally displaced people (IDPs) and host populations. A particular concern are diseases linked to insufficient water, sanitation and hygiene. Schistosomiasis is part of this group and affects people of all ages, while women and girls are also affected by female genital schistosomiasis. To sustainably improve health of refugees, IDPs and locals at Lake Chad, this multisectoral implementation project builds on our Chadian-Swiss research partnership, bringing 3 innovative tools into action:

  1. Testing citizen science informed interventions for schistosomiasis control
  2. Broadcasting ocal health promotion messages in local languages throug a Chadian developed app "BeAfya"
  3. Improving clinical diagnosis of schistosomiasis and urogenital tract conditions through a clinical decision support tool for health workers

Involved Regions: Africa
Involved Countries: Chad

Project Facts