MED Phase 2 - Medical Education Development Ukraine, Project Phase 2

The Ukrainian medical education system is ill-prepared to meet the complex population needs. Training curricula are outdated and teaching staff lacks essentials skills, capacities and motivation. The project supports the reform of the medical education system for family doctors and nurses and the strengthening of professional competencies of healthcare managers. As a result, the quality of care delivered to the Ukrainian population will be significantly improved.

Since the start of project phase 1, the Ukrainian healthcare system has faced a “double burden of disease”, simultaneously fighting the battle with the Covid-19 effects and consequences of the full-scale Russian invasion. The healthcare system has survived the pandemic stress test and did not collapse after 444 days of the war. Many healthcare facilities are damaged and a large number of the healthcare workers have left the country or became IDPs.

Healthcare reform started in 2017 is making a slow but sustainable progress changing the overall healthcare system functioning modalities. Since 2014 Higher Education Institutions including medical universities have obtained more autonomy but could not utilise this opportunity in a full scale.

SDC support aims at improving the performance of the medical education system allowing for primary healthcare staff to acquire the necessary clinical, technical and communication skills.The project is implemented by the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute.

The overal goal of the project is: Quality of healthcare, especially on the pri-mary care level is improved due to better medical and managerial education: primary healthcare providers are more competent, motivated for professional development and for the provision of patient-focused and safe healthcare services.



Martin Raab

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