Jeune S3 - Santé, Sexualité, Sécurité

The ‘JeuneS3 – Santé, Sexualité, Sécurité’ Programme (2016-2020) focuses on improving adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health in DRC (South and North Kivus), Cameroon, Central African Republic and Benin. It is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and managed by a large consortium led by the NGO Cordaid.

Objectives and Aims
By working with young people, communities, schools, the health sector, media, religious and traditional authorities, JeuneS3 aims to strengthen the availability and accessibility of comprehensive information on sexual and reproductive health (SRH) as well as youth friendly health services. In partnership local youth organisations, JeuneS3 is also advocating for young people’s rights to quality SRH services and information, within the framework of national, regional and global commitments to meet the needs of young people.
The project specifically aims to target the most vulnerable and marginalised adolescents in these fragile contexts, in particular young adolescent girls. 

A multidisciplinary team from the Swiss TPH (implementation and research) is leading the operations research and evaluation components of the JeuneS3 programme across all countries, as well as the technical oversight for the implementation of Comprehensive Sexuality Education. In DRC, Swiss TPH is also managing the implementation of comprehensive sexuality education in- and out- of school. Key partners of Swiss TPH in this programme include YWCA, PSI, IPPF and Cordaid.

The expected results of the JeuneS3 programme are that young people, especially adolescent girls, are able, motivated and have the opportunity to make informed choices about their sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) and that their sexual and reproductive rights and needs are met.

Target Groups
Young people (10-24 years), youth organisations,  communities, schools, the health sector, media, religious and traditional authorities. Watch the promotional video of JS3 here:

Involved Regions: Africa
Involved Countries: Cameroon, Central African Republic (the), Congo (the Democratic Republic of the), Benin