Dr. Michael Käser, PhD

Head of Project and Grant Unit

Organisational Entity

Professional activities at Swiss TPH

Michael Käser is a cell biologist and senior scientist in molecular genetics of infection biology, with a focus on research and teaching in low- and middle income countries of sub-Saharan Africa. He has been working at various higher education institutions, including the University of Ghana, where he set up an international and interdisciplinary PhD program. Since 2013, Käser heads the Project & Grant Unit at Swiss TPH for which he has built up academic management and governance structures with global health organisations. Through the unit’s activities, the team strategically and technically supports large-scale and collaborative research grant applications to support the institute’s project portfolio. The unit has established research grant management, allowing Swiss TPH to exert the consortium lead for collaborative, multicentre (among others) EU projects. Käser teaches on immunology and research management, co-supervises master and PhD students at the University of Basel, and carries out research capacity building in North-South initiatives.

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