Unit | Informatics

Swiss TPH Informatics is a Support, Competence and Service Unit for all Swiss TPH collaborators. We are a Shared Unit and provide support for information and communication technology to all Swiss TPH departments.

The Informatics Unit consists of 5 structured elements, undertaking the different tasks: Management, Service & Support, Engineering & Operation, Projects & Processes and apprenticeship.


The IT Unit maintains user functions as well as infrastructural functions (for instance e-mail, calendar, workflow). These are based on different types of infrastructure (for instance network, personal computer, storage), to be implemented and maintained. Giving support and advice to all Swiss TPH collaborators, the IT services are engaged by about 800 IT users in several national and international locations.

Support & Operations

The Service and Support Team serves as the direct interface between the IT and the customers. It provides stable and reliable IT workstations. IT is responsible for the planning, installation, maintenance, and security of the implemented IT infrastructure.

Projects & Processes

In the frame of projects, the IT coordinates the collaboration with external IT supporters and internal staff. Special applications like the DMS Alfresco as collaboration platform and the intranet based on Typo3 are supported as well.


Our Principles